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There's a Beast in the Basement!

Written by Pamela Butchart and Illustrated by Thomas Flintham
Izzy and her friends overhear their head teacher talking about "missing treasure" and "running out of time". They know this means there's TREASURE buried in the school somewhere and that Mr Graves wants it all for himself. So Jodi says they've got to find it first, and they should start by searching the staffroom. After seeing things they will never forget, they head to the basement. Gary Petrie's dad is working down there and he's seen something SHINY! So they send Zach's cat down with a camera strapped to her head and study the footage carefully. What they see is SHOCKING and CHANGES EVERYTHING. It's not treasure in the basement, it's a BEAST with SHINING EYES and it's coming to get them! RUN!!!
Released Date: January 12th 2023
Nosy Crow
ISBN: 978-1839940514
272 pages

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